So, you like what we’re about and you’re ready to join us? Fantastic, but there are a few things to go over first.

We are a very small operation and currently cannot pay a fair rate for writers. Still, we would love to start building relationships now so we can plan for the future. And if for some reason you’d like to write for us even without the promise of a monetary reward, let’s chat. We can offer exposure (ugh, groan) as well as the opportunity to write about a topic meaningful to you that other publishers may not be interested in. So long as it’s at least tangentially related to photography, we’re open to discussing it.

We’ll also build you a totally awesome and unique author page, even better than this one!

The Shutter Angle voice

We don’t really have one — we have many. While we have a rough style guide, it’s mostly a suggestion rather than a hard rule. At the Shutter Angle, we encourage writers to express themselves in the manner that serves them best. Hail from England and want to say “whilst” instead of “while?” That’s fine.

More importantly, we want to encourage writers to write passionately and personally, whatever the assignment.

What we write about

The types of articles we publish can be distilled into three categories: news, reviews, and features.

News includes everything from product launches to a cool YouTube video you found, but we like to add personal analysis and opinion when appropriate.

Reviews cover products (cameras, lenses, computers, monitors, etc.) but also things like photo books, movies, gallery exhibits, and some services.

Features encompass everything from opinions and photo essays to explainers and how-tos. Want to share a cool trick you learned in an editing app? Yup. Need to express your strongly-worded outrage at an injustice in the photography world? Absolutely.

Flavor and presentation

Just like a delicious meal tastes better when presented well, great writing reads better with a great layout. At the Shutter Angle, all of our long-form articles (reviews, features) receive bespoke layouts that make your words and images look their best. It’s another thing that sets us apart from your run-of-the-mill blog.

Who we look for

Should that be “For whom we look?” We don’t know, but maybe YOU do! (Actually, we don’t care.)

We are looking for anyone at the intersection of image-making and, uh, sentence-making. We want seasoned storytellers as well as passionate new voices. Hobbyist and profesional photographers. YouTubers and bloggers. Models and selfie-shooters. The has-beens and the yet-to-be-discovereds.

You fit in there somewhere, don’t you?

Next steps

Email us a link to a writing sample or two. We like to see personal blog posts just as well as professional work — anything that shows your storytelling prowess. If you have a pitch in mind, include it in your email.

We look forward to hearing from you.

And, for reals, we’re sorry we can’t offer you buckets of money. Yet.