Product review policy 

Interested in having us review your product? Here’s what you need to know.

Please contact us first 

We are a very small (but extremely dedicated) team. We do not have room for extra boxes and bubble wrap. Please do not send us a product until we have asked for it. Contact us at to request a product review.

We don’t score reviews

Our goal isn’t to facilitate a quick purchasing decision — we want to tell the story of your product. We encourage our reviewers to write openly about their experience using a product, as subjective as it may be. We offer a personal analysis of every product we test that goes beyond specs and technical capabilities.

We do not publish paid reviews

We will never accept money to review a product. If you are interested in sponsored content, please see our advertising and sponsorship page.

Good content takes time

Our reviews are custom-built from the ground up with unique layouts. This process is not fast, but your review will look stunning when we’re done. Please allow us 30 days with a product to complete our review.

Don’t have 30 days? We understand that review samples of new products are often in very limited supply. We will work with you to the best of our ability to accommodate shorter loan periods. If an offered loan period simply isn’t long enough, we’ll be upfront about it and work to find a different solution.

We don’t share our conclusions

We don’t share the results of our testing with manufacturers before publishing a review, unless we have reason to believe our experience may be abnormal. In that case, we will reach out for confirmation of the issue.

Please include a return label

In order to facilitate a quick return, please include a return label when you send us a product. We cannot guarantee returns of products received without return labels. An emailed return label is also acceptable.

If a return label is not included and we do not receive one within 30 days of contacting you about it, we will offer the product as a prize to one of our readers. Lucky them!