We don’t help you sell a product. We help you tell your story.

A new wave of advertising 

Our mission is to provide clean, visually striking content for our readers. To meet this goal, our articles are presented with minimal advertising interruption. We do not partner with intermediaries and do not track or collect data from our users.

Instead, ads are served as standard image or video files hosted by the Shutter Angle, and thus are immune to ad blockers — probably.

We currently offer one type of ad that we call a “submarine.” This is a full-width ad that is unveiled as a reader scrolls down a page, serving as a sort of chapter break in a story. It can be an image or video and is available on long-form articles. A submarine ad is similar to a print ad, in that it has bespoke placement in an article and lives on the page indefinitely.

Float on!

Sponsored content that goes beneath the surface

The Shutter Angle offers unique sponsorship opportunities for brands to engage with our audience of photography enthusiasts in a meaningful way. Sponsored content is created by our editorial crew and presented with the same attention to detail as our long-form stories, with passionate writing and handcrafted page layouts. Sponsored stories are promoted on social media and pinned to the homepage for at least 2 days, with longer terms available for an additional fee.

Sponsored articles can be how-tos, technology explainers, and other educational content. We do not offer sponsored reviews or news stories. If you are interested in a product review, please see our review policy.

In short, we build something that our audience — and yours — will actually want to read.

Now that’s deep!

We’re working on it

Please give us a moment to put some wind in our sails. We are very new and still ironing out the details of our ad packages. For now, please email us with any pricing questions.

Q: Hold up — why all the nautical references? Isn’t this a photography publication?

A: Aye, but this page is for sponsorSHIPS!