Founded in 2021, the Shutter Angle is an itty-bitty independent publisher operating out of an apartment in a rural and classy Oregon town.

We are dedicated to providing personal, engaging, and beautiful content for visual thinkers. Our stories are crafted with quality writing and presented in expressive layouts.

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What we do


We don’t regurgitate press releases.  

If we write about a product launch, we won’t just tell you what it is, but why it matters (or not) based on our experience and professional opinion. If we don’t have anything to add to the conversation, we won’t cover it.


Grab some coffee — or a beer. 

Photo essays. Interviews. How-tos. Opinions. Lazy day entertainment. Late night inspiration. This is what you can expect in our features section. Eventually.


Personal and story-driven.

Our goal is not to facilitate a quick purchasing decision, but to provide real-world, experiential opinions of a product. We want our reviewers to write from their hearts as much as their minds.  

There are many excellent photo tech review sites. We aren’t trying to beat them at their own game (that would be impossible). We’re taking a different angle. 


Because nobody’s a know-it-all.

From techniques and how-tos to deep dives into technology and gear, our explainers are written for anyone to understand.

Meet the crew

Daven Mathies, Editor

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